Spring/Summer Collection 2019

Spring/Summer Collection 2019 

For the Love of Art  

 Mother Nature celebrates the return of Spring and Summer with vibrant colors and twinkling sunshine. This season of love and passion has inspired the creation of Jessica RED’s Spring/Summer 2019 Collection with unique artistic influences. Filled to the brim with creative ideas, the Jessica RED girl integrates ethnic elements into artful patterns, boasting a bold, playful collection of bright hues and dynamic cuttings. Follow your heart and show your true style with our new collection for the season.    

Spring: Pink Passion  

Living Coral, a pinkish shade of orange, is the color of 2019. As a trend-setting fashionista, the Jessica RED girl expresses her excitement and passion for the new year with this trending hue. From peachy coral to fluffy pink, this season’s collection brings new interpretation to the sweet, girly color, offering a chic twist to the definition of young lady’s fashion. Various textures of denim, tweed and suede are dipped in vivid pink to breathe new life into one’s wardrobe. Take your favourite pink with various textures to create a tone-on-tone statement outfit.   Instead of the classic washed style, our seasonal denim offerings return with a refreshing new look. Candy pink adorning the essential denim jacket redefines the grunge look with a playful vibe. Elegant tweed fabric is intertwined with multiple layers of pink yarns and sparkly materials to resemble the textural brushstrokes of impressionist oil paintings. Take on the transitional weather with a padded tweed jacket over the essential ruffled tweed skirt and awaken your youthful charisma. Symbolizing the balmy days with clear waters, turquoise is another key shade of the season. Keep up the whimsical, lively tone with patchwork tweed tees, diamante T-shirts, and even the eye-catching designs with sparkling details of the “LOVE” slogan.


Urban Smart

This season’s workwear collection for metropolitan ladies are refined with irregular and asymmetrical silhouette, bold cuttings and trendy patchwork elements to brush off the dull impression of work attire, embracing subtle yet appropriate trendy details in workplaces. Favouring blue and green hues mainly, highlighted with touches of lilac, the collection bids farewell to ordinary designs and welcomes fun details, such as bow, bell sleeves, belts, ruffle trimmings, etc. Featuring an off-shoulder collar design, the elongated shirt with blue stripes of different forms and patched with navy jersey fabric is another key piece for the season.