Fall/Winter Collection 2018

Metallic Glam 

Bidding farewell to the vibrant summer, Jessica RED girl continues to flaunt her youthful charisma in the new Fall/Winter Collection. Contrast is the key theme of this season. Two seemingly irrelevant elements are blended seamlessly together, juxtaposing casual with glamour, stylish with romance, cool with feminine, etc. Casual sportswear adorned with glittery glamourous elements is among the playful contrasting offerings from the collection. This season, mix and match with our new essential items to showcase your stylish vibe and create your unique fashion statement. 

Premium Denim 

As Fall announces its arrival, prolong your holiday glow with denim pieces to look effortlessly cool. Jessica RED reinterprets the classic denim in the softest premium fabrics in various shades of indigo, while incorporating trendy and glamourous elements to add a feminine touch to the designs. Be it integrating embellishments and cotton lace patches or adding stylish elements like ripped details and frayed hems onto the indigo fabrics, every denim piece has its own unique twist. The highlight items include the pearl beaded jeans, available in cuffed hems and irregular bootleg cuttings, the stylish two-tone denim cape and the washed fur-collared casual coat.

Black and White Romance 

The black and white collection of Jessica RED girl preserves the stylish nature of the two-toned outfits while elevating the looks with subtly playful touches. Playing around with asymmetrical cuttings, oversized designs and other trendy elements, the white poplin shirt with asymmetrical shape and the classic white shirt added with a necktie collar or bishop sleeves prove that black and white aren’t dull at all. The pearl beaded black sweatshirt, diamante T-shirt and pearl-embellished wide-leg pants contrast the causal vibe with glamourous add-ons. Apart from embellishments and ruffles, transparent layering is also the highlight of this season. The off-white lace ruffled blouse with tie knot cuffs and the dot lace skirt floats along as you take every step