Spring/Summer collection 2020

Spring/Summer Collection 2020

Sweet Bon Voyage

Jessica RED’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection evokes the summer vibes with sweet darling hues and wanderlust. For this season, Jessica RED girl begins her 21st century fashion journey confidently with the most vivid look and serene spirit.  

Spring Collection 

Macaron Fairyland

Spring is the season of love. Whether it is Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day, wearing the charming colour of candy pink becomes the most romantic blessing. Inspired by the colouring of irresistible macarons: rose pink, strawberry red, lemon yellow, mint green, sky blue, cotton white and beige; perfectly balanced by the coffee brown colour of a cup of hand-made cappuccino; this feminine and girly combination creates a dreamy colour palette. Tweed fabric in Chanel style is the momentous trend of early spring fashion show. As a fashionista, Jessica RED rejuvenates and enhances the versatility of elegant modern tweed fabric, inventing a new “young lady style” concept showing her femininity without losing individuality. One of the designs is an oversized pink tweed casual military jacket with four pockets, threaded with multiple macaron candy colours. Pair it with your favourite graphic T-shirt or shorts using a casual dress-down mix and match approach to show off your youthful and carefree attitude, gentle but cool style simultaneously. To enjoy a tranquil holiday, consider topping the outfit with a straw hat to seamlessly change from elegant tearoom style to outdoor. Apart from pastel tweeds, suede, scuba and crepe in multiple sweet colours are explored one by one on cardigans, skirts and shorts, pairing with different trendy details embellished tops to ultimately create your personal style that shines in any occasions.

Sweet style trend also pervades in the layering of the entire Spring/Summer collection. From feminine style: ruffles, tiered, rushing, tie and drawstring; to retro and playful strong shoulders: shoulder pads, princess-sleeve and puff-sleeve, etc., are all highlights of this season that simply too important to neglect. Essential denim items in the wardrobe are refined with stylish and cool look. Stereoscopic elements such as raw-edge or fringe is added to jackets, skirts, jeans and denim shorts in the new collection, as well as washed style light blue denim luxe, softens the androgynous aspect while emphasizing on a feminine finish. For this season, Jessica RED offers a wide range of in style white shirt for easy daily mix and match. Dress up effortlessly in a smart casual look by putting on the stylish ruffles or drawstring long-sleeved blouse and transit it into fall with a tassel edge denim long blazer.  

When the weather gets warmer, opt for a sheer, multi-layer design to embrace the sunshine of Spring. Slip into a sheer puff-sleeve white organza top accessorized with a flower diamante waist-brooch, finish the princess romantic look with tiered light greyish blue mesh tulle dress.

Summer Collection: A Road Trip to California

Pack your latest summer fashion items, hop on Jessica RED girl’s posh classic car and immerse yourself in sunshine summer holidays! Our California road trip brings you across mountain range to appreciate dawn and dusk, stops by Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive to shop in the world’s finest boutiques, and eventually arrives at the coastline of Santa Monica to enjoy the sunshine and beach. Jessica RED girl would find her youthful and carefree spirit complement the California Girl’s fashion style perfectly. Drawing inspirations from the spectacular coastal view of endless ocean and sky, the key shade of this summer features sky blue and white, adorned with mellow yellow and cinnamon of living coral. Meanwhile, minimalism is ideology of pleasant holiday’s motifs, including gingham and nautical stripes. Explore your creative playfulness by contrasting and mixing a variety of size, colour and patterns. We recommend putting on comfortable items such as a simple dress, shorts or wide pants under the tropical weather. One of the trending dresses of this season is belted long wrap dress. Its hemlines flutter like sea waves, complimenting your elegant walking. Also, for a photogenic outlook, try on this powder blue contrasting gingham puff-sleeved asymmetrical ruffle hem seersucker to elicit a feeling of exotic holiday.  

Being passionate about music and enjoy a bustling atmosphere, the annual Coachella Music festival is not to be missed. Surrounded by holiday-chic style, free-spirited, romantic and laid-back lifestyle is the dominant sense of fashion. Lovely summery floral lace with romantic tie, tiered baby doll silhouette, going hand in hand with a casual crisp cotton or light denim item, complete the look with a large brimmed straw hat, a basket bag and a pair of sandals, you are all set for party dancing. Looking for an outfit to go on a romantic date? Living coral floral lace sleeveless top, turquoise ruching midi skirt, or cinnamon ruching bold-ruffled collar top, are all daring attempts of sharp contrast mixing, revealing your sweet yet feminine side. Or, if you are searching for garment for a relaxing sunshine and the beach holiday, a white floral lace sleeveless baby doll dress surely enlivens your mood.

Charming and vibrant designs channel the entire Spring/Summer collection. Suitable for any occasions or outdoor adventures, mix and match any clothing pieces with exquisite craftmanship in accordance with your preference so as to build your own unique Jessica RED girl fashion style.